Unlike in cricket, there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics and Bollywood. For now Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut do not see eye to eye.

As a matter of fact Johar, who has smoothly occupied our collective consciousness the way Arnab Goswami did till recently, wants to banish the actress from Bollywood, the manner the Pandavas were sent off to the jungles in Mahabharat.

We have not heard from Ranaut and it is quite likely that we will not for sometime as Rangoon has flopped despite the grubby love making scenes in Arunachal Pradesh where the movie was shot. But, be sure Kangana will wait for an opportune moment to hit back fiercely, as is her wont, possibly after her next hit, which will surely happen, given her immense talent. It is likely that her riposte will not happen over Koffee With Karan.

It will then be the turn for Johar to smile sheepishly again as he did on his show, pre-Rangoon, when Ranaut was ostensibly on the way to the top, possibly even crowned as the fourth Khan of Bollywood.Back of his mind, it probably did occur to Johar, when he graciously grimace giggled and Taimur Ali Khan’s father Saif almost squirmed off the sofa, that Ranaut could actually be the next Queen Khan.

After all in Bollywood only a Khan can take on another Khan in the box office, TV or Twitter. And we all know that Johar can be quite flexible if it suits him like he was when he faced a situation with Raj Thackeray, the only politician in the country who becomes more important after every election he loses.

Others, including Modi, Gandhi, Yadav, Kejriwal need to learn from Raj. Right now, of course, Johar has taken the politically incorrect stand of attacking a woman who is clearly down. Or maybe we have got it all wrong in our befuddled brains, in the sense that Johar thinks that he is actually taking on a man; or is it two women squabbling with each other, which again cannot be ruled out following the revelations that Johar has made in his tome An Unsuitable Boy. It is true that Johar has become a father, but he does speak like my caring and nurturing mother. Indeed, the world has become a complex place today.

Karan could actually be a Sonam within, while Ranaut could actually be hosting a Khan inside. In which case the roles are reversed and we should be feeling sorry for Karan instead of Kangana as it is political correct to do in today’s scenario.

The real Kangana, however, need not fret. She should remember that even King Shahrukh Khan had to struggle his way up right from the bottom. And, he belonged to no camp, was bequeathed with no movie genes, thus totally ineligible for nepotism and backdoor entry to Bollywood via assembly line outfits such as Dharma Productions. Johar has successfully milked the formulaic Hindi movie business model that he inherited from his father; Kangana has challenged the status quo in her roles and also prospered.

Both know every Friday a new release hits the screens, setting off another weekend of numbers and charts. Kangana might be ruled out by Karan and his coterie, but there will be others willing to offer her the DRS lifeline which she will hopefully use more wisely than Virat Kohli. No doubt, she will need to be play her cards carefully, with the Big Shark Karan Johar gunning for her back.

Maybe, like a man she should smile sheepishly and let Johar’s verbal take down pass till she owns the box office arithmetics to speak her mind again, even as others are blown off their seats or politely grimace giggle, fearing that she is a Khan in the making. That is life, whether you are man or woman, inside corporate boardrooms or acting in a movie.