Siddharth Srivastava



My name is Siddharth Srivastava. I am a journalist. I have been around for a while, published by newspapers, news agencies and magazines across the world. These include New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Straits Times, SCMP, Khaleej Times, Jakarta Post, SFC, PNS, Asia Sentinel, among others.My professional portfolio includes correspondent for The Times of India, editorial consultant, Siliconeer magazine, Asia Pacific correspondent Interfax, India contributor Business Times (Singapore), senior writer Asia Times, India editor, Word Security Network, short-term consultant World Bank, Oxford Analytica and Control Risks.
My areas of interest cover strategic affairs, defense, security and energy. I follow business, politics, lifestyle trends with some interest in Bollywood and cricket.I am the author of “An offbeat story,” a work of fiction. You can buy the book here.I hope to cross a million copies in sales with Bollywood or Hollywood making a movie based on the book (just joking). In the meantime, to earn some more money and keep the family in good humor, I take up consulting projects from clients based in Europe, America and South-East Asia.
On a personal note, I am neither too old nor too young.My hair line has not receded yet. It may soon as most from my generation have started shedding. My older daughter says she is tired of reading all the boring, serious stuff that I write.
Frankly, even I am bored. So, for her sake and mine, I am trying to keep things simple, interesting and a little different at mockingindian, starting Jan-Feb 2013. As I have realized, doing a blog is relief from the whims and sometimes straitjacketed editors and dictated editorial policies. I can be reached at for anything, though I only take up assignments that pay a lot as I am already quite busy as you can see below:

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