When information is insufficient, there is speculation. An example is Hrithik Roshan-Suzanne Khan, already separated, probably heading for a divorce. They are a good looking couple, very rich, blessed with two beautiful kids.

Roshan, as everybody knows is an immensely successful actor riding on the recent super hit Krrish-3. Nobody has really been able to pin down why they have chosen to end their marriage. All talk has centered round predictable grounds – adultery.

It is an Indian mindset. Link a problem to sex, wherever possible. It happened in the Aarushi Talwar case as well. Suzanne is supposed to have had an affair with actor Arjun Rampal. The evidence is the duo smiling at each other at some Mumbai parties. Hrithik has been linked to his co-stars. This is simplistic. In India, marriages are known to outlast affairs, adultery and even domestic violence.

Clearly, there is more than meets the eye. It is best to let the couple be to sort out their issues. Moving onto another instance of considerable tittle-tattle is the case of the photogenic diplomat Devyani Khobragade.

Opinions are divided. Some see the maid as a scheming gold digger who betrayed her employers to earn herself and her family US citizenship, with Preet Bharara more than happy to play along in order to feed his personal political ambitions.

Others see the episode as another example of government officials routinely breaking or smartly circumventing the law to suit their interests, often executed at the expense of tax payer money.

The question being asked: Why should our officials be above the law of the land? The same mai baap attitude, a legacy of our colonial rulers, pervades our bureaucracy. There are so many Indians in America who have chosen not to take maids from India due to US wage laws.

Instead, they have slogged harder, sacrificed their careers to raise their kids. I do believe, however, that the harsh treatment meted out to Devyani, like handcuffing, strip-search, locking her up with petty criminals, is uncalled and needs to be strongly rebutted, as is happening, thankfully.

Meanwhile, over the recent weeks the future of Congress party Prince Rahul Gandhi has again been the subject of intense speculation. Will he or will he not be PM candidate to take on Narendra Modi and emerging competition such as Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The crushing defeat in the assembly elections has shaken the Congress party out of a long period of stupor and inaction.

There is finally some urgency with the Gandhi scion pushing the Lokpal Bill, firing the environment minister for delaying projects and ensuring the government approaches the Supreme Court to re-think criminalizing homosexuality.

These events show government can move, provided the Gandhi’s want it, though the sudden pro-activeness seems too little too late. The prospects of the Congress party look irretrievably damaged general elections 2014. Probably a period of introspection out of power will do the party and Rahul some good.

There should certainly be no more silly escape velocity and poverty is a state of mind speeches. Thankfully, all talk about Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement is over though there is considerable speculation about Virat Kohli as the new Sachin.

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