I am the proud owner of the very nippy iPhone-5s, easily politically incorrect in this day and age of the Aam Aadmi Party, free water and power. The handset does send out signals of importance, again improper like personal bodyguards or moving about in a red beacon or Lal Batti car that Arvind Kejriwal hopefully bans for good.

We Indians are obsessed about cricket, Bollywood and mobile phones. The recall cuts across class, caste, religion, social, regional and economic barriers. Everybody knows Sachin from Virat, Salman from Aamir, Katrina from Kareena, 4s from 5s. The 5s thus opens some doors. Like, recently at an expensive restaurant packed due to new-year revelry. How perceptions change?

You cannot take a high class phone to a cattle class location is the family refrain. With the 5s added to list of movable properties that I own, the family has quickly junked food court for fine dining that slap ever burgeoning service charges. I have stopped tipping.

The good looking usher at the restaurant, however, refused us entry due to the over packed gourmet gobbling crowd inside. That’s when I did a selfie outside for an instant upload. This is almost an addiction now, especially after Obama. The sharp and well-trained usher picked the cue quicker than Pujara did Steyn in South Africa.

She probably deduced: only criminals turned politicians or insider trading corporate honcho’s, definitely not sweaty AAP supporters can boast a 5s selfie. Btw, I do support AAP as long as they rid us of corruption and do not bankrupt the government.

With a definite wink to others, we were ushered in, table found. I did another selfie and uploaded. The 5s no doubt spells money others can make, off me. Like the mobile accessory sales boy who tried to sell me a discounted handset cover for Rs 2,500. I paid less for a cell phone I used for many years.

The family of course wants me to sustain the high end trend – like buying a Toyota Fortuner or better BMW, iPad Air or holiday at Maldives instead of same old puppy-yuppie favorite Mussoorie or Manali. I m surely going to go down like Vijay Mallya.

Social signals and messages to the larger world apart, the 5s is definitely a technological marvel. I salute Steve Jobs again for initiating the process. The machine is lightweight, rather featherweight so I haven’t dropped it yet.

This is important as I have lost count of occasions I have witnessed the innards of my erstwhile Nokia spill on the floor, road, toilet, mall, airport, train, re-set date, time, time zone country and alarms.

The 5s chip is powerful, the speed unmatched, usage easy and uncomplicated including itunes. My daughter has been downloading the much cheaper to buy online One Direction, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber.

The songs sit alongside my U2, Guns N Roses and Bob Marley. Anybody accessing my music collection can easily deduce I am schizophrenic or suffer acute midlife blues.

Even my three-year old has her set of downloads, some free, others very cheap, like talking bears and parrots. Only, my wife is a trifle irritated, I sense. Like any good wife, she is not too happy about my contended and satisfied with life look, gait and talk, due to a bloody gadget.

Below, a selfie at Starbucks with my daughter who is not very happy as she wants me to get on with buying her a muffin..


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